Day 122: Welcome Back

I was so hopeful when I left for the conference that my seniors would be self-sufficient and responsible and resourceful while I was gone.  Darn, my hopes were dashed.  My students used the days to review for their test (a good thing) but didn’t complete any of the video watching, note-taking, homework activities that were assigned (a not-so-good thing) in preparation for our study of 2 population/2 group comparisons.  Actually 5 students did and 25 didn’t.  So I had to be the “grumpy” teacher for a bit and re-discuss expectations when there is a visiting teacher in the room.

So how do I recoup the lost time in an AP class that is tight for time as it is?  Rely on patterning and sense-making!  We did a quick comparison table using what they know to build up what they need to know.  And then we did an example problem.  Not exactly a stand-and-deliver lesson, but as close as I get to one.


I’m thinking of using partner posters to pull the 2 proportion inference ideas for significance tests and confidence intervals on block day Wednesday….you’ll have to stay posted to see what happens.

How do you handle the fall-out after being gone from class?

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