Day 116: Now You Can Use the Calculator

Today is a big tech day in AP Stats.  Up to this point, we have been finding p-values, confidence intervals, etc. using the appropriate commands.  But today, I introduced the test menu, of course, after they had solved this problem the traditional way.  They were thrilled and yet leary about using this tool.  I have to think about how to ease them into using the tech at their fingertips, building in good understanding of the concepts and processes.  I do feel that if they want to do the work by hand without the test menu, that’s preferable to relying solely on the technology without understanding.  There must be a good balance, though!

opener APS tests with calculator03-06-2015 Image001

03-06-2015 Image002 03-06-2015 Image003 03-06-2015 Image004 03-06-2015 Image005


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