Day 115: Commit and Crumble Writing

After yesterday’s Holiday Popper activity, I realized my chitlins needed some more practice in writing conclusions to significance tests in AP Stats.  I wanted an energizing way to make writing a little more fun.  With a quick Google search, I found this cool formative assessment activity on Mr. Orr is a called Commit and Crumble.  Jon Orr shares how he used the technique with his Algebra 1 class and his instructions are easy to follow.

Since students don’t put their name on the paper, this is an anonymous way to practice, to risk-take, and to get feed-back about their thinking around a problem or question.  After my students wrote for 10 minutes, we then proceeded to the Commit and Crumble activity.  Here are the directions I gave them:

commit and crumple

After they did one round, I had the kids re-toss and re-select another paper.  Then use a red pen to add additional comments.  I also asked them to discuss the paper they had with their Clock Buddy (so they could see an additional paper).  Using their iPad, I suggested that they take a pic of any write-ups that were especially good or helpful to them and attach to their Opener/Exit slips.  This way they have a kid-friendly write-up that can be referred to in subsequent situations.

20150305_111014 20150305_11294420150305_112229 20150305_112221

We debriefed the question at the end, highlighting common errors while also discussing the importance of reading the prompt and doing what it says, not what you think it says.  The question about significant evidence asked them to write a conclusion statement.  However, many proceeded to do the 4-step process.  They even calculated the t-value and the p-value when they were already in the given computer printout.  We learned some valuable tips for exam taking today!  Students said the writing and looking at other papers was helpful to them.  We’ll see tomorrow as I will ask them to write a conclusion to submit to me.

PS. Added 3/6

Here is evidence of some students’ choice of a good answer! And they are different papers. Yay!!

commit and crumple student photocommit and crumple student photo2commit and crumple student photo4

I have a stack of crumpled papers and am thinking of having students find their paper (if they want) to see the peer feedback.  Here is  another resource for the Commit_and_Toss strategy with additional variations.  What are some energizing formative assessment ideas you’ve used with success?



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