Day 113: Musical Chair Identities

Needed a fun way to do some focused practice on the Trigonometric Angle Addition and Subtraction Identities in precalculus today.  So the Musical Chairs strategy came to mind.  Had my students move the big desks out of the way and used just a few of them to make tables that the 8 kids could walk around them.  I created eight versions of a worksheet I created with Ultimate Algebra 2 by Kuta Software and color-coded them.  I searched YouTube to get some teenager-friendly tunes and had them suggest a couple songs as well.

I played the music for approx 20-30 seconds as the kids walked around the tables (you can see the smiles on their faces, huh?!).  When the music stopped, they worked the problem #1 on the sheet in front of them.  Once most seemed finished, I started the countdown and then started the music again; interestingly, if a student didn’t finish, as they passed the paper, they continued to work the incomplete problem…without me even suggesting it.  I repeated the process with the kids working #2, then #3, etc. on which ever sheet was in front of them.

20150303_114853 adjusted 20150303_134322

When we finished the 8 problems, I had them walk one more time and then check/correct a couple of problems on the sheet in front of them.  General consensus after the experience was that the practice in this way helped them become fluid and confident in their ability to apply the angle addition identities.  And there was singing to the tunes along the way!  Fun experience for all and EVERYONE actually did 8 practice problems!  Whoo-hoo.  How do you build in skill drill in a fun way?


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