Day 112: Ungraded Check-In

I’ve talked earlier about check-ins here and here, but today I decided to try something new.  I had the students complete a check-in in the allotted time.  Since they are color-coded by highlighter markers, I had them switch papers with their table partner.  Here are the two versions:

CI 5.2a  CI 5.2b

You can see the two versions are similar, but results are different.

Then the “yellow” papers regrouped together and the “orange” papers did the same.  Then I asked them to check the work of their partner’s paper with the new group.  Two things happened: they worked a new set of problems AND kid conversation  happened.  It was a wonderful way to have students experience all problems on both versions.  More importantly, they asked for clarification about certain ideas while also deepening their understanding of the properties.  Writing out suggestions for correcting mistakes also helped them solidify the main ideas.

20150303_143623 20150303_143633

What are some different ways you have kids “talk about math ideas?”



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