Day 99: z to t in one easy step

compare z and t

I used an applet, Comparing z and t distributions, from McClelland’s Seeing Statistics. today in AP Statisitics to demonstrate the differences between the standard Normal distribution and the various Student t-distributions based on the degrees of freedom.  Wow!  What a difference.

Using what the kids knew about the 4-step process for confidence intervals for proportions, we just used that framework to “tweak” the process for CI for means.  Worked like a charm!  Said the Normal condition changes because of the shape of the t-distribution.  Using the above applet, we talked about the need to check the shape of the sample depending on the size of the sample and then generated the rule based on what we were seeing in the applet.  Seemed to be the most seamless presentation of using t statistics I’ve ever had!  Whoot-whoot!!


Anything that helps with sense-making and long-term retention is OK in my book!  How do you use technology and visuals to set the foundation for long-term retention?


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