Day 95: A Kiss From Your Teacher

While looking for a new, food-driven activity to introduce confidence intervals for proportions in AP Stats, I found this activity on Jason Molesky’s StatsMonkey  AP Best Practices website, which was attributed to Aaron Rendahl (STAT 4102, University of Minnesota).  You can get the Hersheys Kiss Activity handout and a Gimme a Kiss! power point created by Lisa Brock and Carol Sikes.  I made some modifications including not having the students create a big chart of all of their confidence intervals since we had already done that with Jelly Blubbers.   The materials needed are:

  • Gimme a Kiss! Handout
  • 5 Hershey’s Kisses per student…I used Valentine Kisses 🙂
  • Handout

20150130_113158 20150130_113212

My statisticians collected the data as asked and I decided that instead of repeating the entire class chart of confidence intervals, I’d have their group pair up with one other group to use the 8 proportions to draw confidence intervals on a chart like this:

CI Kisses

Then on Monday, we’ll talk about why these CI are not the same length like they were in the Jelly Blubber activity.  This was a fun way to end the week and have data ready to go for next week’s pursuits.  Happy Friday!



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