Day 91: Fresh Start

We are starting the new semester today, as many schools around the country are.  The kids seem relaxed and ready to go after their finals experience.  In AP Statistics, I didn’t have time to assess on Sampling Distributions, so the students agreed to put off the exam until after finals…great to have student voice in some decision making (also gave me time to write the assessment – haha).  So today we reviewed the key similarities and differences in sampling distributions for proportions and means via a graphic organizer.  I thought about making a foldable to fit the information, but I wasn’t sure I’d get the biggest bang for my time, since classes were only 30 minutes long on this first day.  So we wrote it out together and it seemed it went well.  I even had a student say that “it finally clicked!”  Fresh starts and rested minds are something to behold!

20150127_064645I am also thrilled that I have been keeping up with the premise of the blog 180 idea.  Some days I get behind, but I usually use the week-end to catch up.  Of course the end of the semester caught me, so I have some back-filling to do.  I love the documentation, but I haven’t used the blog as a consistent reflection tool.  Typing out all of my thoughts tends to take me a long time, as writing isn’t my strength.  I did get Dragon, a speech-recognition software by Nuance. for Christmas, and I’m really excited to try it out.  I believe talking out my thoughts rather than typing might result in some deeper reflection.  But I haven’t installed it yet as we may be getting new school computers and I don’t want to waste my software license.



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