Day 80: The Multi-Purpose Trig Equation

Today was so much fun as a teacher!!  As an opener problem, I had the students solve the following equation: 2sin²x+9sinx+3=4cscx.  Then I wrote the problem on the board and opened it up to the kids to add lines to the solution.  They could only add one line at a time and they signed their first name.  Scrumptious discussions and collaboration.  In fact, one gal commented that the activity was great because of the “collaborative nature” of presenting the solution.  Lots of joy and fun, too.

RossmanChancerev 20150108_123622

What I like best about this problem (since we are approaching final time) is that it incorporates skills from previous topics while also reinforcing the current learning.  They did great!  The only addition I needed to make (in red) was the restriction on the solutions.  Great way to review polynomial factoring, rational function equations, etc.



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