Day 79: Awesome Statistics Applets

Can I say that I “heart” the Rossman/Chance Applets even more this year!  Many of the applets have been updated to java script (js), which means my kiddos can now access them on their iPads.  Because I had to run the simulation at the front of the board, my students could “space out” on the sense-making, observing, analyzing and reasoning that I want them to do.  I so missed having them individually explore the concepts around sampling distributions, and now they can!  THANK YOU!


Using the Reeses Pieces applet as an introduction to the concepts of sampling distributions is uber-fun…well, at least for me it is and I do think the kids appreciate the effort to have a variety of activities to develop and deepen their understanding.

Reeses Pieces Applet

And here is the summary of their observations, with my help to connect the “conditions” to develop the sampling distribution of sample proportions.



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