Day 77: Casino Lab 2014

Today we started the “famous” Casino Lab that gets done in so many AP Stats classes.  This is my first time through and I’m was a little tentative about the whole gambling thing in my class, but my hope is that my students come away with the idea that gambling is risky and the long run results are rarely favorable to the player.

20141218_112010 revised

In our school we have an open-door policy which means we can have other staff “pop” into our classes at any time.  This is such a good thing because it has built trust among staff about what goes on in other classes and gives us a chance to see what fabulous things our colleagues are doing.

20141218_110157 20141218_110117

Well today I happened to have four visitors including my principal and the superintendent.  I think it went well in all respects and the kids were able to talk statistically about what they were doing and why they were doing the lab.  YAY!  Also had a student tell me that it was really interesting and so real world.  They appreciated that.  Tomorrow, more stations to run through.

20141218_110108 20141218_110029


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