Day 74: Snowflake Lane in Precalc

Today was the inaugural run of the Trig Review Stations.  Overall I think it went great, although as I feared, some of the keys needed correcting.  Whoo-hoo…they will be ready for next year’s classes!   Also realized that two of the application problems were asking students to do more than I had originally intended, so after class, I hunted for and found some more accessible questions to replace them for next year’s stations.  I thing the overall effect was positive because students said the station work helped them determine what areas they still needed to work on as well as what concepts they had down well.

20141217_063526 20141217_063640

One of the stations was simply to graph a given trig function in red, and its related reciprocal function in green (I just had to get the holiday colors in somehow!).  Then glue the graph on a pre-cut snowflake and glue the equation on the back.  It took me some time to cut out 60 snowflakes with my Cricut, but I really love the final results.  Now I have mathy window dressing for January!  I really love when student work can be displayed in an interesting and decorative way.


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