Day 71: Measuring Distances on Campus

We are studying the Laws of Sines and Cosines in Precalculus and I wanted an engaging yet academically sound activity to practice a very applicable process.  Luckily I had read about a Mapquest idea over at Hilbert’s Hotel and thought this would be great for my up and coming surveyors.


As was suggested, I went to GoogleMaps and found an eagle-eye perspective of the school block.  Using the Snipping Tool in Windows 7  I selected a portion of the area that was bounded on the four sides by roads; I couldn’t figure out how to take a screen capture of the area without the Google menu popping up.  I did some tweaking: lightened the image a little and enlarged it so it fit on a page. Then using our office color printer and laminator I was in business.  I asked questions about how far based on what students might do on campus: how far is it from the northwest corner of the football field to the school’s entrance, how far is it from the school entrance to the pool, how far is it from the band room to the field, how far is it from the tennis courts to the alternative high school, etc.  I will give the students protractors and rulers without markings.


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