Day 68: Trig Review Stations

My precalculus teaching partner and I decided we need to do a good review of all of the trigonometry foundation concepts and processes our classes have been doing over the last three weeks.  There is sooooo much and we didn’t want to give them a huge review packet…deadly, huh?!  So in comes the Review Stations idea that I’ve used with great success with the AP Statistics class.  We brain-stormed the big idea, leveraging topics.

So here are the stations we came up with:

  • Station 1: Unit Circle questions
  • Station 2: Unit Circle Row Game
  • Station 3: Snowflake Lane Trig Graphing
  • Station 4: Application – Angular/linear velocities
  • Station 5: Application – Sine/Cosine Routine Relationship
  • Station 6: Application – Sine/Cosine non-Routine Relationship
  • Station 7: Combined Function Matching
  • Station 8: Inverse Trig Function questions

Still need to make answers for each station this week, but I think we have a good start for a great review.


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