Day 50: Unit Circle Game

20141106_145739 battleship polar

Time to have the precalculus kids practice the unit circle values….so I put together the Unit Circle game based on Cheesemonkey Wonders idea.  I quantified the rules, designed the game board (put them in plastic protective sleeves since the laminater is on the blink), put the rules in the plastic frames, got game pieces and +/- dice from Uncle’s Games, printed and cut out the unit circle cards, and stuffed all of the pieces in baggies.  Not sure the effort was worth the results, but it did get the kids thinking.  I will simplify the game rules a little so that kids can enter into the game more quickly.  Will do this for when we re-use the game with radians next week.

On another note, the AP stats kids said the stations were really helpful!  They suggested less of them and a little more time at each.  I asked them which ones were really helpful and which ones could be discarded.  Of course, all had opinions, and they were all different.  Bonus: their average test scores were actually better than in the past (they have been performing approximately the same as other years’ classes on prior exams).  This will become another treasured strategy!  Now I just have to figure out what station activities will be most valuable.  Do you have any thoughts of where to get good activities besides Teachers Pay Teachers?



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