Day 46: Battleship, Polar Style



Trying something new this year…using polar coordinates as the introduction to angular motion and eventually the unit circle with the hope that students are more flexible moving around a circle for a specified angle.  Also trying to only introduce the relationships in degree mode and then revisite the whole introduction in radians later on.  Hope it works!  Used a Geogebra activity called Polar Coordinates (Boat Game) to intro the idea with the directions: how many new boats can you find in 30 seconds?  Record the locations using (distance, angle) format.  We then used a Polar Coordinate foldable borrowed from the Agony and dx/dt to formalize what the students found through the Boat Game.  Finally, we practiced using a Battleship Polar Coordinates game …the kids loved it. How do you set the foundation for learning the Unit Circle?


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