Day 42: Blocking Trees Activity


We are an 1 to 1 iPad school and I have been trying to use the use them effectively.  Can’t say I’ve been particularly successful in using them to enhance mathematical understanding, but I have had good success with using them to help students become “better” students….but I digress from the point of this post: Blocking Trees activity.

11-02-2014 Image001   11-02-2014 Image002

I am so lucky this year as my AP Stats students are really interested in learning statistics and are willing to “play” when I have activities for them to pursue.  I’ve used the Blocking Activity: Can you see the trees for the forest? which gives students a hands-on experience with the 2001 AP Statistics Examination Free Response #4 “fruit tree” problem on which students performed miserably. This activity was originally presented at the 2001 NCSSM Statistical Leadership Institute and I find it is very successful in getting at the idea that blocking can reduce variability. In this activity, students use simulation (yay…and introduction to simulation before we actually study it!) to model a completely randomized design and two different block designs for the fruit tree setting.  Above are screenshots of the Nspire supported activity using a Quick Poll to collect the data from each student and then to send compiled data immediately back to students.  Notice the outlier at 60…we found out the student forgot to find the average.  Block A is the “correct” way to block for the forest preexisting condition and we talked about the two things we look for in our sampling results: low bias (center should represent the population parameter) and low variability (each sample should not vary far from the true value).


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