Day 40: Engaging Students Everyday


One of my goals this year (different than my evaluation goal) is to add in more student engagement activities into the everyday.  Some days I meet my goal and other days, not so much.  I find one of the most challenging things is creating and/or finding activities that are engaging but more importantly academically significant and pedagogically sound.  What I mean by that is the activity needs to enhance student attainment, understanding and extending essential concepts.  And I want it all!  I also want to continually develop students use of the 8 Mathematical Practices.  Time is one of the biggest issues.  Creating new activities just takes time: to come up with an idea that meets the ultimate educational goal, to develop the medium (game, card sort, activity, foldable, etc.), develop resources (what are the key concepts, find powerful examples and/or nonexamples, search for enlightening problems, etc.) and then actually created the items.  I sure appreciate finding pre-made activities through the generous sharing of others (see my blog roll for great resources).  Here are some activities I’ll use this week and next.  I’m working on a system to keep awesome engagement ideas at my fingertips, but haven’t been so successful yet.  How do you catalog ideas you find on the internet, on blogs, on twitter, etc.?


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