Day 36: Two Truths and a Lie

20141021_123045 20141021_123027

It was game time in Precalculus.  My precalc teaching partner and I thought it was time to jazz things up a little while reinforcing previously learned topics through meaningful discussion.  So we thought we’d present to the class a True-False question and have them move to the true or false sides of the room and then debate.  But we soon thought what would happen if everyone went to one side and there was not real discussion. We thought, “we need a game,” and Two Truths and a Lie immediately came to mind.  We used the Connelly, Hughes-Haslett Functions Modeling Change chapter review true-false questions as our guide, divvied up the work and came up with 16 sets of three statements.  Then we laminated them as cards and presented the game, math-style!  Each group got a different card to start with and the group needed to determine the true and false-ness of each choice.  They gained a point if their answer was correct AND justified correctly (awh…the 3rd math practice at work!).  If they answered wrong or defended incorrectly, they lost a point and had to go back and work to get the correct answer.  I would randomly select who would argue/defend their choice or ask them to defend a true statement.  Once the answer was correct and defended accurately, they returned the card to the selection pile and chose another card.  The energy level was high, the discussions were intellectually intense and the defending was awesome.


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