Day 22: Made my first teaching video!


I am sooooo excited!!  I’ve been wanting to do this since last year, but haven’t taken the plunge until today.  After the test on polynomials, I wanted my precalculus students to start an introduction to rational functions, but it has never been successful in the past because the students said they didn’t understand.  Well with a static piece of paper, that is understandable, huh!  Ayears ago, my hubby got me a Bamboo Fun for Christmas, but I had never found a use for it really until now.  It worked like a charm.  I had to do a few takes on different parts but with Microsoft Movie Maker, I was able to split and merge video clips together.  It is a little long for “best practices” suggestions (14 minutes), albeit,  I can’t wait to hear what the kids think!

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