Day 10: Make-Up Test Magic


One of the coolest and most beneficial systems our math department put into place was the Make-Up Test Schedule.  At our school, our students are very involved with music, sports, clubs, drama, etc. which often leads to missed classes and assessments. Each of us was inundated with multiple make-up assessments almost every day and we were all staying late or coming in early to proctor these make-ups.  A gross waste of our time and held us hostage to our classrooms to proctor.  A practice of the science department at a school I previously taught had one day assigned as the “Science Make-Up Day,” so I offered this idea to our department.  After much discussion, we decided one day a week would not work, but being the collaborative department we are, we came up with still having students take assessments immediately upon return, but since there are 9 full-time math teachers, we would each be assigned one morning or afternoon a week to proctor the entire department’s make-ups for that time period.  We attach the orange sheet to the assessment and place it into a folder with dividers for the days of the week and no shows.  It’s been so successful that students expect to look up where their make-up room is and they just show up.  What does your school do to mitigate the make-up assessment part of your job?



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