Day 8: Family of Function Card Sort

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Our text introduces 12 Families of Functions early in the year, viewing them through the Rule of 4 lens: numeric, graphic, analytic and verbal.  My students have studied the Families of Functions for three years and know 8 of them (linear, quadratic, cubic, exponential, logarithmic, square root, reciprocal and absolute value) pretty well.  I didn’t want to bore them going through these same functions again while adding in 4+ 2 ( logistic, greatest integer, sine, cosine, tangent and constant functions) to their repertoire.  So why not a card sort?  I had an old activity using 8 parent functions from Algebra II that included the name, the equation, the graph, the domain and range; so I added the 6 new ones and  a partial table of values to get at the numeric representation.  The methods of organizing was very interesting and telling…but even more enlightening was the discussions about how to match up equations, names, etc. of functions they had not seen before.  This activity took about 30 minutes, but every group eventually got the correct matchings. All groups then glued their grouping in an organized way to a poster paper.   How do you teach these functions and their characteristics to your students?   FYI: I love my magnetic clips…makes posting student work a breeze.  Definitely worth the $1 per 8 clips at the dollar store!!




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