Day 7: Common Core and the 8 Practices in Action

Last year in my Precalculus course, I decided I needed to really emphasize the 8 Practices as a way to approach unfamiliar and,to students, “scary” problems.  This year I used a problem I call the Crop Duster problem based on a problem I found online at the University of Washington Math 120 Precalculus site…they actually share their textbook  (written by David Collingwood) and it has some really cool (a.k.a rich) problems. I introduced the math practices through a foldable by having the students in groups of four read two of the eight practices to themselves, and then summarize to their group.

crop duster20140910_115133[1]

Then we focused on “making sense of the problem” and “looking for structures” by having the information and the diagram available to students, but no questions.  Students were asked to generate a list of what they knew and what concepts from previous courses might apply to the problem (since we really didn’t know what the question was yet).  Love how the student embrace a tough problem easily when there is no question to distract them!!  How do you introduce the CCSS math practices to your students



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