Day 6: Frogtabulous Data!!


Today my AP Stats students entered their data via an Nspire Quick Poll – List.  I quickly aggregated the data and sent it back…so slick and so satisfying!  The lesson’s goal was to use the handheld efficiently and skillfully to display data and view it from different aspects.  We looked at dotplot, a histogram and a boxplot.  Then, the big “ah-hah” was using a split screen to view and compare the different displays to see how various characteristics were displayed in different graphs.  We talked about the maximum value of the data, 35, and where it was located in the bin…and discussed how the histogram showed it as an extreme (we talked about the use of the work outlier inappropriately) and but not an outlier in the boxplot.  We then explored at what point did the value become an outlier.  Nice lead in to the 1.5 IQR rule….they wanted to know!!  Isn’t that the best way, to give ’em what they want?!  Working with the technology was difficult for some, but the long-term benefits were unparalleled!


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