Day 1: The Road Less Traveled…


I came across the idea of “using images that illustrate statistical ideas” at statpics (via a Pinterest image) and thought I must include experiences like this regularly in my class.  As I was on my Saturday morning walk with my pup, I was struck by how one side of the path seemed to be used much more than the other side and the edges and middle almost not at all….and wondered, “why was that?”

So on the first day in my AP Stats class, I showed them this photo and asked, “What can you tell me about this path?” I wanted to get a sense of how they could think about and talk about data in a different way.  At first they were dumbstruck…didn’t even see the “data” that had been collected – I suspected this would happen.  But very soon, with a little prompting and Think-Pair-Sharing, they were able to tell me lots of things that revolved around the Who-What-Where-When-Why-How idea and some statistical ideas of frequency and comparing two data sets. Interestingly, I was in a social studies class later in the day and found the same 5W and How lesson was going on…it’s so great to see how different curricular areas are still connected with key critical content.  What physical situations have you seen that could spark a conversation around the implied mathematical ideas and how would you use them?


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