Day 0: Change your words, change your mindset


It’s Labor Day Monday and so I did a little “fun” labor to get my classroom ready.  Here’s my Fixed/Growth Mindset board (based on a post by Sarah Hagan @mathequalslove) that I finally finished for the first day of school and I am so happy with it….thank you Sarah!  I think it makes a great statement to all of the students (not just mine) that pass by my classroom. Will have to weave it into my classes, probably via openers or exit slips, but I want my students to begin shifting their self-talk and thus their mindset to a Growth perspective. My principal even stopped by, saying “Wow, that’s a great board!” and we spent a moment talking about the Fixed vs. Growth Mindset.  Sure hope it opens up other conversations with my colleagues.  And tomorrow is the “Big Day!”  I am so excited to meet my new students!


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