Day -4: CCSS Practice and Practices

Practice vs Practices

Worked with my course partner to develop an introduction to the 8 Math Practices in our precalculus course for the first week of school.  We’re using the task as a way to get the kids talking about the practices (we’ll do some problem-solving activities in the 2nd week of the course with the practices) while introducing them to group work responsibilities using the Complex Instruction model.  With the poster*, I wanted to plant the seed regarding the difference between math practice and math practices; math practice is about developing skills whereas math practices is about mathematical habits of mind. Any-hoo, here it is:

Task: The 8 Mathematical Practices

This task is about thinking and doing work like a mathematician!  The goal is to become familiar with the eight mathematical practices.

  • Resource Manager:  Find and hand out the Math Practices foldable.  Make sure each person in the group cuts out and folds the Math Practices foldable correctly.
  • Facilitator:  Assign one member to teach two of the eight practices from the foldable.  Discuss what each might mean in Honors Precalculus.  You might also search “Common Core Mathematical Practices” with your iPad for additional details about them.
  • Team Captain:  Once the group has shared what the 8 practices are, have each member rate their ability to do each practice using Fist to 5:  fist = can’t do this practice….5 = superstar at this practice.  Find the average for each practice.
  • Recorder/Reporter:  Have each person write down their personal rating next to the practice in their packet.  Record the group average for each practice in the assigned location.  Look around the room to find it.

*I’ve looked through so many sites, and I can’t find where I originally got the poster pictured above….I want to give credit where credit is due, so if the poster is yours, PLEASE let me know so I can give you credit!!


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