Day -9 …YET…the Growth Mindset

I’ve been participating in a “Leading Groups of Adult – Designing for Learning and Collaboration” workshop presented by Margaret Nugent and Marcy Yoshida the last two days and looooving it!  Although I am interested in the adult aspect for sure, I gained so many useful ideas for my kiddos as well.  In particular, I was reminded of the “not yet” attitude of the growth mindset (versus the Fixed mindset) prevalent in Carol Dweck‘s work Mindset: The New Psycology of Success.  I first heard this powerful, 3-letter word YET in a Complex Instruction workshop but have used it sporadically over the last few years.  This year I’m committed to purposefully using …YET at the end of “fixed mindset” statements of student to help them move to a growth mindset idea (I’ll have a poster in the room that says …YET to help remind students to adopt that attitude as well).

Many of my students are reluctant to take a risk, see mistakes as bad rather than opportunities to learn  and believe that if they don’t get an idea in the first 10 seconds that it is presented, then they have failed and will never get it.  I want to change that attitude!!  The word FAIL is a 4-letter word for them rather than recognizing that a fail can mean their ” First Attempt In Learning.”  I’ve determined the growth mindset as a theme for this year and Ryan Thomas’ blog post “9 Ways Students Can Develop a Growth Mindset”  gave me some great ideas to use with my students (photo from his site)…thanks Ryan!

Growth Mind Set

I also want to help students (not just mine but perhaps any student at our school) move their thinking toward a growth mindset in a visual, non-preachy way (you know how high school students can be when you wander down the preachy road…eye rolling, glazed eyes, blank stares, etc.).  I was inspired by a twitter thread last week started by Kate @fourkatie.  It led me back to Sarah Hagan’s Math=Love blog and her post “Growth Mindset and SBG Bulletin Board Downloads” (just adore her ideas and willingness to share).  She already did the “hard lifting” by creating the statements and sharing!!  Basically, I made a variation of Sarah’s board for my board outside my classroom….what do you think?



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